Digital Brand Management is how YOU take control of your customer’s online experience. It integrates several key elements that determine your digital marketing success.


Your effectiveness as a business increasingly relies on how you connect with customers in online environments. Many of us believe that all we need is a “good website,” We’re here to tell you that, unfortunately, even a beautiful website is merely one component in the machine of online success.


First off, what is Brand Management?


Brand Management is, quite frankly, exactly what it sounds like! Managing your brand from an outsider’s perspective is the concept of maintaining a consistent, likeable reputation. Brand management is fueled by digital marketing practices, product/service reviews, news articles and press releases, and numerous other touchpoints. This article focuses on digital brand management, but traditional marketing initiatives may be crucial depending on your business!


The FIVE key elements to Digital Brand Management are:


1) Website:

In today’s day and age, you must have a website for your brand! Your website should


  • Be easy for users to navigate from page to page so that users can easily find the information about your brand’s products or services that they’re looking for! After all, who likes going in circles trying to find something?


  • Function properly on mobile devices. Mobile is the top method of search tools for many users, so it’s crucial that your brand can function well on all devices. Mobile-friendly means that every image, header, video, or text block can be adequately seen on mobile without spacing or functioning issues.


  • Have strong calls to action to convert visitors from prospects to customers. Even if it’s just a two-word phrase, users need some direction to know what to do next. Having a solid call to action can determine a user’s next step in purchasing from your company.


2) Search Engines:

When people are looking for your products or services, where do they start? The answer is Google. Do you know which page of the search results your brand appears on? If not, you might be invisible to users, and therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the opportunity to connect with them.


One of the best secrets to winning with search engines is to improve your content marketing strategy. With digital technology on the rise and buyers consuming online marketing more and more, content creation is more important than ever to enhance your brand management.


Content marketing builds trust with your consumers, shares your brand culture, and strengthens your company’s SEO strategy. BUT – ineffective content is useless. The best content will promote a strong and positive brand message to digital users and create or build a relationship with potential leads, bringing you closer to closing the sale.


3) Social Media:

If you’re not on social media in 2022, which rock do you live under? Today’s consumers are on social media apps every day, and they tend to rely on these channels to discover new products and services. If you are not on social media, you are not where your customers are!


And what better time to be improving your social media strategy? Set a goal to stay active on all your social media platforms, which will keep you at the top of the algorithm. The algorithm helps maintain order and improve your brand management by deciding which accounts are the most reputable and placing those accounts at the top of users’ news feeds. Therefore, engagement, consistency, and optimization will keep you at the top!


4) Reviews:

In the name of social proof, most potential buyers look for business or product reviews as an integral part of their pre-purchase research. Having great reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook will help you establish your


  • Credibility – You want others to think of your brand as genuine and trustworthy and your products or services as second to none and asking for reviews from current customers will help you tremendously!


  • Brand image – Online reviews for marketing are essential too! After all, your customers’ opinions are key to making your business a highly accredited and valuable competitor in the digital landscape. If you have positive customer reviews, your brand image will likely be positive.


  • SEO score – Get your brand to the top of search results as users can quickly discover the great things others say about you. By leaving customer reviews about your business, your customers are unintentionally helping Google better understand what your business is all about. Think of it as free content creation that has the potential to affect your website’s SEO significantly.


5) Video:

People will watch a one- to two-minute video before reading a paragraph of text. Video is the best way to showcase your business, develop your brand, establish your online personality, and build trust.


Most users react positively to watching informational, entertaining videos on their social networks. Whether it’s a short, looping REELS video or a mini ad for your business, many social platforms have pushed brands to partake in video creation instead of static text content.


All FIVE of these critical elements work together to form your digital brand.



QUICK TIPS: to improve your brand management…

  1. Define your goals
  2. Be consistent!
  3. Target your audience
  4. Engage with your users


How’s YOUR Digital Brand Management?


IMAGINE your website and digital marketing working are hard as you do to drive leads, increase sales, and beat your competition. You can now have an exact strategy to make this a reality.


Our Digital360 allows you to see your industry’s complete digital landscape

  • What’s working online on social media, with paid advertising, and how you’re measuring up.
  • We show you the exact search terms your target customers use in Google and where those searches are taking them.
  • Analyzing this data reveals opportunities for YOU to get more visitors instead of those valuable leads going to your competitors.
  • Then, we create a customized digital strategy to drive increased revenue for your business.


Let’s begin a conversation about your digital brand management to accomplish your business goals with tremendous success!

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