What is Digital Brand Management?

Your digital brand is how your customers experience you online. Digital Brand Management is how YOU take control of that experience. It’s an integration of several key elements that determine your success.

Your effectiveness as a business increasingly relies on how you connect with customers in online environments. Lots of us believe that all we really need is a “good website”. Unfortunately, having a website, even a beautiful one, is merely one cog in the machine of online success.

The FIVE key elements to Digital Brand Management are:

1) Website:
You absolutely must have a website! One that:

  • Is easy to navigate and functions properly on mobile devices
  • Has clear sales pathways that show a viewer how to become a customer—with ease!
  • Has strong calls to action to convert visitors from prospects to customers

2) Search Engines:
When people are looking for your products or services, where do they start? Google. Does your site appear in the first page (or two) of search results? If it doesn’t, you’re invisible and it’s unlikely you’ll ever have the opportunity to connect with these prospective buyers.

3) Social Media:
Today’s consumers are on social media apps every day and they rely on social channels to discover new businesses and develop a trusting relationship with them. If you are not on social media, you are not where your customers are!

4) Reviews:
The consumer buying cycle means potential buyers look for reviews on businesses and products as part of their pre-purchase research. Having great reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook will catapult you to the top of search results as prospects discover what others are saying about you.

5) Video:
People will watch a one- to two-minute video before they will read a paragraph of text. Video is the best way to showcase your business, develop your brand, establish your online personality, and build trust.

All FIVE of these key elements work together to form your digital brand.

How’s YOUR Digital Brand Management? We can help you assess how your business is really performing online. Take a moment to request our Digital Brand Report Card. It’s your first step to discovering what’s working well and what’s not.

BeResponsive is here to help you manage your brand online and make the most of your product or service—and the future of your business!