Here’s why you need a brand agency to redesign your website…

Website Redesign


A website redesign is the process of changing or updating the content, format, or structure of your website to improve performance and convert more visitors. You may want to redesign your site because of new products, a culture shift, to update your content, or just simply because you need a fresh new look for your company’s digital front door. Whatever your reason for redesigning your brand’s website, it can be a massive project, and a digital marketing company has the power to align your needs with your vision and your business goals.

Did you know? 75% of consumers admit that they judge a business’s credibility based on their website design. Your brand’s website plays a critical role in your marketing, your customer’s first impression, and the ability to gain more customers or leads.

The average lifespan of a website ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 years. This is because digital trends (and technology) are continually changing and updating, thus, so should your brand’s website. You should always want your websites’ vibe to feel “fresh” and be able to compete with the others in your industry.

So, if you’ve gotten this far and realized that maybe it is time for a website redesign, here are some components every website designed by BeResponsive Media, a digital brand marketing agency, contains:

  • A powerful first impression
  • Strongly integrated brand imagery
  • Tells your story in a compelling way
  • Focuses on the needs of target clients and customers
  • Develops trust in your company’s ability to meet client needs
  • Prompts strong calls to action to elicit a response


Planning for a website redesign project can be a challenging and timely process. You first should decide on a concrete brand and message for your company. You should also define your target customer, as most brand agency companies will build your website off of this so that you can attract valuable customers to your products or services. Last but not least, you need to have goals for your business. A business without goals is like a car without an engine!

You need something to fuel your success, and BeResponsive Media’s digital marketing team will join yours to do just that using our professional SEO services, graphic design, and marketing expertise.


Do you want to redesign? Let’s have a conversation!