Who are you talking to?

Target Audience Digital Marketing

Digital marketing reminder: When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.


One of the most important things to always ask yourself in marketing is: who are you talking to? If your answer is everyone, we are here to tell you that you might be sinking your chance of reaching anyone!


You see, trying to reach everyone can be insanely hard to do. Everyone has different pain points, ideas, preferences, goals, budgets, etc. You should always try to reach a target audience or client and work to direct your content to those people.


Positioning your brand correctly will help you stand out to your most valuable customers. To impact your ideal clients buying decisions, you need to attract their attention in terms of wants and needs, pain points, and perception of your overall brand. One of the most critical aspects of brand positioning is market segmentation. To segment your brand’s target market, you should decide which type of customers would best fit your ideal client based on personality, location, specific characteristics, and, most importantly…their financial value to your business. Our team does this exceptionally well during our marketing strategy sessions!


When you think of who you are trying to connect with, BE SPECIFIC about the things that matter to those specific targets. Find your ideal person’s pain points, their realities, and what they do in their day-to-day life. Ask yourself, what’s making them look for your product or service in the first place? What problem are you solving?


Here are a few examples:

If you’re targeting athletes — Are they professional? What sport(s)? Do they have common pain points? What are their other hobbies?

If you’re targeting moms — How many kids? Do they work? Are they divorced? Do they drink wine? Are they social?

If you’re targeting business owners — What’s their income? How many employees do they have? What’s their business culture like? What are their core desires?


Each of these people live entirely different lives and struggle with different things. Finding your ideal client and deciding which ways to reach them can be challenging as you get to know your business, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!


At Halifax branding agency BeResponsive Media, our process is tested and truthed for helping our clients define their ideal dream client, and all you have to do is tell us about your business! Who doesn’t love talking about themselves?


We’ll set up a meeting with you to go over your favourite clients you’ve worked with and what makes them your ideal client. We gather information about your business, brand management, culture, work, and value proposition. From the extensive amount of information collected, we design 1-3 target customers and highlight their core desires, pains, solutions, and false beliefs. Then YOU can start targeting them more effectively through online marketing, web design, content marketing, business SEO, and more. As a professional marketing agency specializing in digital agency principles, we are experienced and knowledgeable to deliver you measurable results.


We want to join your team to help you attract your DREAM client!