Tricks to beat the social media algorithm in 2021


WHAT is the social media algorithm?


The algorithm is an automated digital strategy that ALL social networks and computers use to keep users engaged online. The social media algorithm helps maintain order and improve your brand management so you can dominate.

Do you ever wonder why certain posts show in your feed before others? Well, the algorithm is the explanation of why you are exposed to different posts, images, or advertisements, which is all based on your activity and who you engage with most online. For example, the Instagram algorithm will likely show posts from your close friends and family before others on your timeline as you probably interact most with them.

Each social platform’s algorithm is constantly working behind the scenes to make your experience online more enjoyable without you even knowing!

Though SEO, brand management, and content marketing play a HUGE role in exposing your business’s content to your target market, social media algorithms take the reins of determining which content to deliver to you based on your specific online behaviour. We want to help you combat your digital marketing strategy so YOU can be featured to users before your competitors.


WHAT do we know about Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm in 2021?


Social media algorithms are always changing. This is why it can be difficult to keep up with the latest online marketing trends. Without the algorithm, it would be nearly impossible to filter through the never-ending digital content out there.

Did you know? In July 2016, the Instagram algorithm caused users to be missing 70 percent of all posts and 50 percent of their friends’ posts. Because of this issue, the app was receiving negative feedback from users, so they decided to try a brand-new approach and scrap the reverse-chronological feed. Now, years after the new platform strategy began, Instagram HQ says sorting has led to its 800 million-plus users seeing 90 percent of their friends’ posts AND spending more time on the app overall.

Some platforms, like Instagram, are transparent about their techniques and lay out some ground rules to stay on top of the algorithm and keep users updated:

However, traditionally, many social networks are quiet about their algorithm strategy, but we’ve been able to sniff out some of their secrets.


HOW TO use the algorithm to your advantage: Facebook and Instagram edition


1. Post more videos!

Most users react positively to watching informational, entertaining videos on their social networks. Whether it’s a short, looping REELS video or a mini ad for your business, many social platforms have been enforcing brands to partake in video creation instead of static text content.


2. Engagement is KEY

Ask questions and encourage comments from your followers! The more engagement that a piece of content gets, the more likely it is to be rewarded by the algorithm and shown to more accounts.


3. Tag other accounts

On your own posts, invite others to check out your post or account, and then urge them to follow you. On other posts, tag your friends to share a post with them, enabling them to check out the account. This tells the algorithm that you are not only trying to attract engagement, but you are also engaging on your own with others and trying to improve your brand management.


4. Optimize your posts

Search Engine Optimization is a big part of getting your posts to the top of your follower’s feeds, while also attracting more organic traffic to your page. So, just like deciding on chocolate or vanilla, why not have both?



The save button is an underrated tool to take advantage of in 2021. If people are saving your posts, Instagram will deem your account as valuable and ultimately, start showing your posts more often on the main feed for others. As a business professional, you should create and post content that users would want to save for later.


As for LinkedIn, many B2B brands focus on expanding their LinkedIn connections and page followers. The LinkedIn algorithm focuses primarily on dividing your content into three categories. You can learn more about the LinkedIn algorithm in our next blog.

As a Halifax marketing agency, the professional SEO services we offer mixed with the social media strategies we provide will have you soaring to the top of the social algorithm AND Google search results in no time!


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