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Marketing Automation Software


What is SharpSpring?


SharpSpring is a powerful online marketing automation platform to help businesses stay active in generating more leads and engagement from potential or existing customers. SharpSpring allows you to have all of your tools and email campaigns in the same system. It is beneficial, so you can receive more profound insights about leads and analyze more opportunities for your business. It offers complex metrics so you can follow each lead’s journey from their first connection to your business to becoming a customer.


“How can SharpSpring help me?”


Generate more leads

SharpSpring can identify anonymous visitors to your platforms using its visitor ID feature, where anonymous visitors are tracked. When they connect with your brand (provide their name, email, phone number, etc.) their site browsing history is automatically added to their contact record, giving you key insights.


Drive sales

SharpSpring’s lead scoring feature lets you build a scoring system and assign values to lead interactions based on behaviour, demographics, and engagement with your marketing. You can categorize your leads based on the “cold to hot” scale, which can help your sales team determine the best leads to pursue and tell how close they are to becoming a customer.

SharpSpring’s sales pipeline is a visual representation of your sales flow where you can create and visualize the complete sales cycle and various stages that a lead will pass through.

The sales optimizer gives your sales team access to automating the creation of opportunities, tasks, and actions based on pipeline stages. It also assists in your sales team productivity by replacing platform activities that are repetitious and time-consuming.


Measure ROI

SharpSpring helps you track and prove ROI (return-on-investment) from your marketing efforts. The analytics will help you compare and analyze success, so you can tell what works for your business and what doesn’t.

You can see and analyze your website’s visitor session duration, how many and which pages were viewed, and a specific pathway each user took to your site.

SharpSpring lets you determine which channels are helping drive the most traffic and see how they react based on different marketing strategies.

Since campaigns are measured by contact, we can understand the process of converting prospects into customers using the cost per lead feature. You can associate leads to marketing efforts, which allows you to retrieve an intricate report highlighting cost per lead and overall ROI of each campaign.


“You’ve got my attention! tell me more…”


SharpSpring will support your inbound marketing strategy using these features:

  • Social media scheduling and publishing to attract your target audience.
  • Monitoring tools to track campaigns and sales tactics and provide valuable insights to know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Blog hosting for your educational content to maximize engagement.
  • Landing page creation for your gated content to persuade visitors.
  • Form creation for lead capture.
  • Tracking to ensure measure of organic traffic and effectiveness.


“Let’s talk money…” 


SharpSpring is priced very competitively against other tools on the market, considering the extensive features and brand management offered.

Through a certified digital marketing agency partner such as BeResponsive Media, we offer you an even better pricing structure that is contracted month-to-month allowing you the freedom that other platforms don’t.


“I’m ready to jump in”


The best part is that SharpSpring prevents you from sacrificing quality or functionality while receiving continuous support from BeResponsive Media as your digital agency to guide your digital marketing efforts along the way.


Contact us today to learn about all of SharpSpring’s professional marketing benefits and how it can help drive leads directly into your sales pipeline!