What are keywords, and why do they matter?

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POV: You spent endless hours creating content and design for your company’s website, but you’re frustrated with it not getting as much traffic as you think it should be (and we agree with you). Increasing traffic to your site is a priority, but attracting the right audience is a necessity.

What is your “right” audience?

For example:

As a digital marketing company in Halifax, our team at BRM is constantly refining our content to appeal to different types of clients we would like to attract. We’ve learned that to connect with your target market can take lots of time and research on the demographic, interests, hobbies, or preferences in product/service, etc., but the results are worth it.

To find your target audience like a pro, check out our blog post on this!


Good news: we’re letting you in on some of our SEO secrets! Keep reading to find out how you can use a digital agency like ours to get to the top of the SEO game!


What are digital marketing keywords?


Keywords are a vital part of perfecting your brand or website’s digital search engine optimization. In a nutshell, they are short phrases or single words that online users type into search bars (like Google) when looking for products or services in your industry. The keywords in your content will help direct those users to your site (over time)!


Why do keywords matter for digital brand management?


Keywords matter simply because they help potential clients find your business. Using the right keywords and strategies can position your brand HIGHER THAN YOUR COMPETITORS, making you the #1 result for each keyword.


WHERE do I insert keywords in my content?


You can add keywords to almost ANYWHERE on your website. We suggest starting with integrating them into your existing content, as content marketing seems to be the best and easiest way to get traffic to your pages. Other keyword integrations can occur in page URLs, page title tags and descriptions, image ALT tags and descriptions, or video transcripts.


How do I find the right digital keywords?


Before you start writing any content for your website, you should research and identify relevant, high-volume search terms that people in your industry search.

Without spending money on professional third-party tools, you can start by reviewing keywords driving traffic to your website through Google Search Console. To dig in deeper, type these keywords into Google and investigate the “Searches related” section near the bottom of the first page of the search results. This will give you clues to other keywords people are searching for related to keywords driving traffic to your website.

Knowing that keywords are an essential part of your website optimization, it’s also important that they still match your company’s product(s) or service(s) to make sure your branding is consistent.

Don’t have time or not sure how to do this research accurately? No problem, we’ll do it for you. This research is a core component in our Digital360 package, highlighting data like your top organic keywords, top industry keywords, and top keyword opportunities for SEO and content marketing. Using your Digital360 data, you can sort your keywords by volume, traffic, and difficulty, which allows you to see the best opportunities for your brand so you can add those to your website content.


What is the best way to add them to my content marketing strategy?


After deciding on the perfect keywords with high volume and lower difficulty, adding them to your website content is the next step. Doing this requires focus and strategy as it’s essential that the content still flows smoothly with these keywords integrated.

For example, compare these two sentences:

  1. Halifax digital marketing company BeResponsive Media is here to help you tackle all digital marketing projects using search optimization tips and tricks, best content marketing practices for small businesses, professional marketing in Halifax, and more.
  2. BeResponsive, a digital marketing agency, helps you tackle the big and small marketing projects, so your target customers will discover who you are and how you solve a problem they have with your products or services.


Just by reading these, you will likely realize that sentence #2 flows better and would appeal to the average visitor more naturally. Just think, if you didn’t know much about digital marketing and a company came at you with a bunch of big words, would you click away or keep reading despite not understanding any of it?

The flow is important because it is how your customers read through your content, and if a sentence feels “forced,” a customer may become skeptical.


Do you want to grow your business? Get more organic traffic? Attract more digital leads?


Keyword research is the first step! We will be your in-house digital marketing department, guiding you through optimizing your website with the best customer-driven strategies!


Let’s talk about the keywords you need to turn your website into a lead generation engine!