Do online reviews matter for your business?


How many times have you been asked by a business or seller to review a product or service online? Do you ever wonder why companies ask for these reviews? Well, think about your buying process as a consumer. Chances are that before buying something online, you might scroll to see what other people think about the product or service.

Why are reviews from digital consumers so critical, you ask? Well, here are a few reasons how they affect your brand online.



YOU know your brand is genuine and trustworthy, and your products or services are second to none, but do your customers know this? Perhaps they do, or maybe they do not, which is why they turn to the reviews of your previous customers!

According to BrightLocal, 87% of buyers will read product reviews from others BEFORE buying, and these reviews have the power to influence many people’s buying decisions! If many reviewers claim that what they received is broken, has flaws, or that they received poor service, they may stray away from purchasing. This is likely because they trust other buyers’ views of a product! 94% of online shoppers reported that negative reviews had convinced them to avoid visiting a business or making a purchase.



Just like digital product marketing, online reviews for service marketing are essential too! They are key to making your business a highly accredited and valuable competitor in the digital landscape.

As the number of people that interact with your business online increases, your brand image is impacted depending on the experience of those users. Think about it, if you discover a new business and there are no customer reviews to be found, then buying from them might be like blindly throwing a dart at a dartboard and hoping it lands in the middle (or, in this case, hoping the product or service is what it’s advertised to be).

The point is: If you have positive customer reviews, it’s likely that your brand image will be positive as well. This can cause a ripple effect and increase demand for your products or services.



Online reviews can also help improve your SEO. By leaving customer reviews about your business, your customers are unintentionally helping Google better understand what your business is all about. Think of it as free content creation that has the potential to affect your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) significantly.

Reviews are your friend…if they are good, and they are your enemy…if they are bad. If you have not already been doing so, you should be asking for reviews from your customers to improve your online brand management tactics!


PRO TIP 1: Once you have online reviews, make sure to promote them on your social media accounts and your website to spread the love to your followers!

PRO TIP 2: Whether a customer leaves a good or bad review, acknowledge it. Respond and make sure your responses are genuine. People reading the reviews want to see you appreciate those who love your product/service, and they want to know that you want to connect with those who are not happy as well…that you appreciate their feedback.


Reviews matter a lot! Now that you realize this, why not book a time to discuss the digital landscape of your business.


As a digital marketing agency, we want to hear your story and share how we can help you build your brand online and get more positive reviews!