Is your marketing department thriving or just surviving?

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YOUR POV: You own a business and are working hard at trying to draw in new leads. You’re very fascinated by new digital marketing tactics in today’s digital world but aren’t quite sure where to start at executing them. You see your competitors expanding their digital landscape, and you want to make sure you don’t fall behind.


Want to see if your marketing is working without wasting more money?

We all know the pain of regretting a purchase or investment after not getting the value that was advertised, and we’re here to tell you that you don’t need that disappointment any longer!

Using a CRM with marketing automation, you see real data about hot leads and their likelihood of conversion with your products or services. You can monitor lead activity through your website, provide life-of-lead overviews, and automatically rate leads based on their interactions with your content. You can collect information on the path each user takes on your website to see if your calls-to-action (marketing CTAs) are working. Do you want them to go straight to your contact page? Or, do you want them to read through your services? A CRM tracks all aspects of user activity when it comes to your brand and identifies hot leads upon successfully identifying a user (when they fill out a form, contact your brand, etc.). This will ensure your sales team is on top of everything, and you get to monitor their follow-up!


What’s your digital landscape?

A digital marketing landscape represents a company’s overall outside perspective of how you are doing online. What’s your position in Google’s search results? How many SEO keywords do you rank for that help customers find you? What are your most valuable opportunities to gain more of the right traffic?

Our team helps you establish a plan to further your brand management and take advantage of the strategic opportunities available to drive more leads for your business. Then, your in-house marketing team can implement the plan to achieve your goals.


Do you really KNOW your client?

Imagine having a visual dream client avatar that identifies your ideal target customer’s wants, needs, pain points, and solutions. You can use this information in your website content, social media posts, and overall engagement with consumers to create a connection with them. Then, through the data from your CRM, you can see what is actually working to increase conversions of your ideal clients.

BeResponsive Media provides you with insightful and useful real data about opportunities for more effective marketing. Your success is our success, and we join your team as an extension of your in-house marketing department to ensure that your company is winning online!