Top 4 reasons to hire Professional SEO Services


Have you ever received an email from an unfamiliar SEO company claiming to have the secret sauce to becoming number one in Google search? These so-called “experts” may claim that they’ve found issues on your site, that you need their SEO services, or that they are what you need to become #1. The promises always sound too good to be true, don’t they?


Well, most of the time, they are too good to be true. If you’re a business owner or senior manager, you should be careful about which you respond to! The experts in your inbox are usually employees of offshore SEO companies, and their sole job is to cold call and email unsuspecting businesses to sell their services to.


Some of the time, these companies can be beneficial, but most will only contribute to a lower Google ranking for your business. Instead of hiring a company you’ve never heard of, and possibly from a different continent, try looking for a local digital SEO company. Here are some reasons to outsource to a local SEO marketing agency.


1. Your marketing needs to be aligned with your business.


Don’t you want your digital marketing company to truly understand your target client? Knowing the pain points, cultural aspects, and values of WHO you’re selling to is an extreme advantage in your marketing efforts that you won’t get with a sketchy SEO company. You need to be working with a company that knows and understands your business goals, your customers, your markets, and the opportunities that exist for you to grow your business.


2. Language and communication barrier.


To get the most of your digital marketing and SEO budget, it is important to make sure that communication is clear between the two parties (your business and your SEO marketing partner). If communication is unclear, you may run the risk of your business being marketed incorrectly. This communication barrier is common with some outsourced companies as the employees often have weak English proficiency.


3. Limited Control over Team Structure and Functions.


When you’re not there in person to manage timelines and address issues in the moment, it can be difficult to control the structure, planning, or functions of your marketing after hiring an offshore SEO company. Often there are few opportunities to talk directly with their team as all communication is done via email. When you have concerns, having someone to talk issues through ensures your goals are met!


4. No guarantee for success!


In the initial email you received from the SEO company, they claim to be able to make you number one in your industry. How do you know that their strategy will work on your business, in your industry, and your location? This is another risk you take when outsourcing to sketchy SEO companies, as the trends and strategies are likely different from those that will most effectively help your business.


Want to see the REAL benefits of hiring professional SEO services for your company?


Let’s schedule a time to talk about YOUR business goals and your target clients. Together, we can reach them effectively, ethically, and turn your website into a lead generation engine!