5 mistakes you might be making and how Digital Marketing companies can help

Digital Marketing Mistakes


The concept of digital marketing can seem simple. However, there are many things businesses are doing wrong, and they may not even know it. As a digital brand marketing agency, we’ve created a list of five common marketing mistakes for you to consider:


1. You aren’t doing your homework

One of the best ways to see if you’re on the right path with your business is to spy on competitors. You can start doing this by searching for different terms related to your industry. Furthermore, a digital agency, such as BeResponsive Media, can provide our professional SEO services and guide you to make your brand can stand out. We can help you see where your competitors are getting leads (the keywords that are driving traffic to your competitor’s websites) and help you steal that traffic so new customers find you first!


2. Your ideal customer is undefined

You are spending too much time selling and not enough time researching the right target consumer. Tone down the selling mindset and, instead, start learning the SEO business techniques to increase your brand’s ranking and expose it to more users. An SEO service agency like BeResponsive Media will show you the most effective keywords in your industry based on real data, so you can advertise (with Google Ads) your business to the right customers or develop great keyword-driven content to gain more leads.


3. You’re not creating content – or enough content.

One major myth is that people don’t take the time to read blogs or ingest digital marketing content. Like networking, creating content and implementing the right keywords is just a way to build a connection with the consumer. Digital marketing company experts have resources to create compelling content that will attract your target market in no time!

Here’s an example:
Let’s say your product is protein powder.
Catherine, a health junkie searches “low-carb diets” on Google.
She stumbles on your article titled “5 Effective Low-carb Diets.” After she has read through, she might check out what you sell. She might buy, or she may just begin the relationship with your company – at least she now knows you and you can begin the customer journey with her.

Either way, you received more traffic on your site than the day before and you are making more valuable lead-generation connections.


4. You aren’t setting or tracking your business goals

If you don’t set goals, you won’t know if your marketing efforts are working. BeResponsive Media will track all of your campaigns, posts, emails, and funnels to show you real data on what’s working and what’s not! This data is extracted from digital agency SEO business resources and can include clicks, impressions, reaches, website hotspots, lead opportunities and more. We will work with you to attract more users to your website using the right marketing strategies for your business and industry.


5. You’re avoiding Social Media

Social Media platforms for your brand are a great way to share personalized content and expose your brand’s culture. Creating personal connections with followers will paint a positive picture of your brand in their minds and create the opportunity for them to share your company with others while supporting you themselves. It is an inexpensive way to interact with customers and prospects, build trust and loyalty, and has very high potential to generate increased revenue.



If you are feeling a little silly for not knowing these things, you shouldn’t. That’s why digital marketing companies like us exist!

The great thing about digital marketing is that every day you have an opportunity to make changes, experiment, and BeResponsive Media is here to help you improve.

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