Use Data the RIGHT Way


“Digital data is your strategic advantage.”


Huh? I hear the word “data” all the time. I know it’s information and numbers, but what the heck is all the fuss about?

The BeResponsive Media team fusses over data for one reason: IMPROVING our online presence — and we want to help YOU do the same. Collecting the right data is the secret sauce to effective digital marketing.

With Google Analytics, you can see lagging data (data from the past) — things like new users, organic traffic, number of sessions, bounce rate, and session duration. You can also break down all your data to see things like…


Who users are…

  • Demographics (gender, age)
  • Interests (market segment, affinity category)
  • Geography (language, location)
  • Device (mobile, desktop, tablet, network)


How they found you…

  • Source/medium (direct, organic search, social, paid search, referral, email)
  • Google Ads (keywords, campaigns, site links, etc.)


What they’re doing on your site…

  • Content (landing pages, exit pages)
  • Search (usage, search terms, search pages)


But there’s so much MORE data available to you than just Google Analytics!


The BeResponsive team identifies endless new opportunities by determining the EXACT keywords users type to find the top contenders in your market. You’ll see:

  • the average monthly searches containing that keyword string,
  • the potential traffic from using each one on your site,
  • the current position your domain ranks for each keyword, and
  • the approximate difficulty it would take to snag the number one spot for that keyword!


Data is the foundation of a solid marketing strategy. Successful brand management comes when you commit to improving your digital strategy based on new and enhanced data analytics.

For example:

Suppose your report data shows that your website’s ABOUT page isn’t producing as much traffic as your SERVICES or CONTACT page. In that case, you may want to refine your content marketing strategy by adding more keywords on your ABOUT page to attract more organic search traffic (as fueled by search terms).


With our Digital360 package, you sit back and watch while we deliver all this deeper data to you in one strategic action plan!


Our Digital Roadmap Approach:

We know there isn’t a cookie-cutter approach for every business’s digital strategy and lead generation. We always evaluate the following opportunities:

  • Website and content improvements for your website
  • What people are Googling in your specific industry
  • Social media analysis and influencers
  • Search engine marketing and social media marketing opportunities
  • Digital marketing opportunities to your current/past customers
  • Opportunity tracking and reporting


From these opportunities, we build a roadmap for your digital marketing success.

This is a customized plan for your business.


Not your industry, not your niche, YOUR business and ONLY your business.


We align the strategy we build to drive YOUR business goals. Why? Because, simply put, no two businesses or digital opportunities are the same.


This is so much more than just SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The Digital360 is a strategic digital plan with meaningful actions, specific deliverables, and measurable results.

Imagine a refined marketing strategy and website content that gets your business to the TOP of Google search results in your industry… So you can get more leads, more sales, and reach your business goals

There is no better time to invest in your online marketing strategy.


Let’s talk about the opportunities waiting for you and how your data can lead the way!