Is it time for a brand refresh?

Digital brand refresh


First impressions are everything.

You spent endless hours coming up with the perfect design, logo, or appeal to promote your business a decade ago, but now you’re suddenly noticing a decline in average new leads.

If we just described your recent business situation, have no fear: it’s just time to rebrand! Many businesses experience this situation after growth because what worked when you started likely doesn’t reflect your business today.


Did you know?
Almost 40% of users will completely stop interacting with a website if the brand is out of date or unattractive to them.


What is a brand refresh?


Refreshing your brand is similar to changing around the furniture in your bedroom… or buying something more stylish. The foundation of your business will remain the same, but the layout and design always end up a newer, exciting change of scenery!

BeResponsive Media is a digital marketing company, and we are here to help rebrand your business in a modern and effective way while generating more lead potential down the road.

Colour alone improves brand recognition by up to 80% and in this digital era, we are exceeding the trends and strategies to brand effectively.


It’s time for a polish.


To determine the best course of action to take, we must first understand that a brand is more than just colours and logos. Branding is what people think about when they think of you… often that comes in that first impression. A brand agency will help to market the core and essence of your business conveying visual, verbal, and experiential content.

The quote “Out with the old, in with the new” has never been more accurate.

It’s time to invest in a brand marketing agency so you can discover your business’s full potential – an investment that will definitely pay off!

Polishing your look, persona, and content will ensure that your brand is always attractive, friendly, and constantly reflecting what your business is really about.

Is your brand or website due for a refresh?