Reaching your Target Customers through Content

Content is king? What does that even mean? My guess is that you’re seeing various posts and ads in your social media feed that are telling you that “content is king.” What they really mean by that is that you need to be developing content for your website so that you can attract MORE VISITORS to your site.

And that’s a good idea – but the problem is most people will say, “I have no idea what I should be writing about”!

As a digital marketing agency, we would like to propose that it’s not content that is king, but rather that Google is king! What we mean by that is that when you write content (blogs or articles), you first need to know who your most valuable target customers are, and then you need to know what it is that they’re searching for when they open up a Google window.

You need to know the exact words they’re typing in; those are called keywords. We can help you group these keywords by product, service, or a particular topic. Then you know what topics to write on and what keywords to put into the content you write. That is what will make Google happy (so that your website will be found) and remember: Google is king.

It’s not just how good your products or services are, it’s what your customers are looking for. You need to write about that.

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