Brand positioning in your niche market: how, why, and where to start

Brand positioning in your niche market | Digital marketing tips | BeResponsive Media

Did you know?

In the last 60 seconds on the internet there were, on average, more than:

156 million emails

16 million texts

3.5 million searches on Google

1.8 million Snaps created

452,000 tweets

95,890 posts made in WordPress

46,200 Instagram posts uploaded


Read these stats, and then ask yourself: is my brand generating as much traffic as it could be? How can I use brand management to cut through the noise and get exposed to the right leads?

At BeResponsive, we know one thing’s for sure and that’s that brand strength is the key driver to success. Much of your brand strength comes from customers understanding your value proposition and connecting with your brand as a whole.


What’s your value proposition?

Your value proposition is your promise to customers, it represents the significance and purpose your products or services bring to your clientele. Having a powerful value proposition helps your audience not only understand your brand, but how it can help them. A value proposition should influence your marketing strategy in a way that appeals to your audiences wants and needs in a brand.

Seth Godin, a digital marketing professional, defined brand value as “the sum total of how much extra people will pay, or how often they choose the expectations, memories, stories and relationships of one brand over the alternatives.”

A great way to gauge how people value your brand is to request authentic product/service reviews or interview your customers after using these products or services. This gives you insight into how to improve your brand or position it more effectively.

Creating a value proposition depends on knowing your target audience, so you can use digital marketing strategies to reach them.

Ask yourself:

  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • What do they care about?
  • How will they use your product/service?
  • What value will it bring to them?


These are just a few questions we’ll ask during your brand management journey.

For example:

At BeResponsive Media, our value proposition is simple: Grow your business by increasing your engagement with your #1 asset — your customer.

We do this by giving you REAL data, identifying the best opportunities, and driving more leads.

We’re more than just a brand marketing agency. We use the expertise of our team at BeResponsive Media to create your ideal client avatar, which we then leverage to address the strengths, weaknesses, false beliefs, and demographics of your audience to attract the right buyers.

Once you understand your customer, you can then create or revise your value proposition to connect them to your brand.


What’s your market position?

Once your audience is defined, use your value proposition to target it. Connection with your customers and their values will create a sense of comfort and thus, increase the chance of them investing in your brand.

Ask yourself:

Where do they shop?

What’s their price range for your industry?

What is valuable to them?

What fixes their problem?

What prevents them from buying?


The answers to these questions, plus the knowledge generated by your client avatar, allows us to use keyword-driven marketing strategies to connect your audience to your brand.

For example:

Tesla is a luxury brand that is more expensive than its competitors. Because of this, Tesla chooses to leave pricing out of their branding and instead focus on the quality of their vehicles and why their customers need one. They focus on the features, eco-friendliness, and long-range adaptability. The brand is successful because it stands out from its competitors for its benefits — it’s an uplifting and luxurious ride — not because it’s a bargain.

Positioning your brand correctly and using the right keywords to reach your target will easily differentiate your product or service in the marketplace. Strong brands succeed because:

  1. They position their brand to appeal to target clients and
  2. They implement tactical and professional marketing strategies


Are you ready to position your brand for success? BeResponsive Media is here to help!