Establishing a brand management aesthetic for content marketing

Brand Aesthetic

It’s all about the content marketing vibe.

Your brand aesthetic is the first thing users will notice when they check out your social profiles. The colours, layout, tone, and overall feeling of your page will either gain you a new follow – or – send them running. Remember, branding is – what people think when they think about you – that starts at the first impression. A digital marketing agency will help you with your aesthetic so you can attract more users to your profile.


What is an aesthetic?

The definition of an aesthetic is “a particular taste for or approach to what is pleasing to the senses and especially sight.” In terms of digital marketing, it is a strategy that portrays a brand’s personality through its content. Having an aesthetic makes everything on your social feeds look and feel consistent, professional, and clean.


How do I pick my brand’s aesthetic?

Here are four steps to get you started in creating a content aesthetic for your social channels:


1. Determine your brand personality

The first step to creating an effective and eye-catching aesthetic is to determine your brand values and characteristics. Using human-like qualities will help to personalize this for readers and allow them to relate to you.

Example: A travel agency might want their brand to portray friendly, adventurous, and relaxed vibes. They should also want users to trust their brand and view them as sophisticated, professional and safe.

Finding the balance between your personality and how you want to be portrayed is a key element in successful branding.


2. Create a branding/style guide

A branding guide is a document that highlights a brand’s marketing preference. The guide contains specific colour palettes, fonts, margins, logos, and style to use when integrating your brand into different platforms or media. The brand guide ensures everyone working with your brand does so consistently and to your pre-approved specifications.


3. Decide what to post

This can be hard as you decide which type of content will attract your target market the best. Your social media content aesthetic could range from sharing memes to creating graphics to just plain images. Sit down and determine one type of post to make on your social platforms: Will you share helpful, informative posts? Will you share user-generated content that promotes your product? Inspirational quotes and images?

Ultimately, the best content to share is unique content that you have created yourself. This is a lot of work, but always positions your brand more in line with your business goals and establishes you as an industry leader. Personalized content will also strongly differentiate you from your competitors. Searching for marketing firms to strategically guide you in this process is always a good investment. Having a knowledgeable marketing partner that has your best interests in mind will improve your engagement and success.

Choose 1-3 types of content and circulate through them when making posts so that you’re always engaging with followers!


4. Choose a theme for your platforms

In today’s digital world, design is an important aspect of creating content. Especially on social media, users are attracted to content that “looks good.” This goes for your social feed, too. Gain more followers by implementing a theme for your social media profiles.


Example: There are many themes already existing on Instagram to consider for your brand, such as:

  • Elegant, clean, and minimalistic.
  • Colourful and funky, with an informal flare
  • A high-touch, high-end experience that speaks of luxury
  • Dark and moody
  • Vintage


Now that you have what you need to get started, you can hand it off to us if you need help or insights to finish!


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