About Us

We are a digital marketing agency based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We will help you with any of the traditional projects that any marketing firm you hire would…but we do things differently. Every tool we create and every project we manage is digitally centred. What that means is we attach some digital components to collect data to determine if your marketing is working.

So, our unique value to you is that we will help you see the ROI (return on investment) on your marketing dollars…so you stop wasting money! We create fully integrated, seamless solutions to all your digital marketing and communication needs. Whether you need a marketing strategy, branding, graphic design, custom web design, print, video, or digital brand management, we will work as your partner with your best interests in mind.

No mystery, no waiting to see if anyone’s going to pick up the phone when you call, and no more wondering if your marketing is working.

In other words, no worrying. We've got your back.

Meet the team

Why Us

Good question!
We’re your ally, your marketing strategist, and, most important, the best resource to help you see real data that will forge the digital roadmap to your marketing success.

Here’s what we believe: Your success IS our success, and we’ll work as hard as you do to achieve your business goals.

From your digital marketing strategy and branding to web design, graphic design and print collateral to e-commerce, social media, SEO management and video production—we’re the whole package.

Reason #1

It's Personal

We join your team to provide customized digital marketing, branding, graphic design, and SEO solutions to YOUR business and industry. All our work is tailored to your particular needs and your specific budget.

Reason #2

We're responsive

It's in our name! When you need us, we're here for you.


Reason #3

It's Customized

All our work is tailored to your specific needs and your specific budget. (We won’t pound in a thumbtack with a sledgehammer.)

Reason #4

We're creative

We do “big agency” work in a more personalized way, and solve technical problems quickly and economically.


Reason #5

It's Evidence-Based

Our professional SEO services assessment and analysis of your marketing strategies and branding tools are top of the line. We have the marketing resources to detect what’s attracting traffic and what’s not—we track results and monitor your success so you can see REAL data.

Reason #6

We Keep you satisfied

Most of our clients come to us by referral from happy clients. Word-of-mouth is the best marketing of all!



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