BeResponsive Media is a creative marketing agency in Halifax with a difference. We understand businesses and nonprofits because we’ve been there—and we’ll be here for you.

We connect you with new people—people who will love your story, invest in your service, and tell their friends.

We help you see the big picture, tell your story with heart, and create a timeless brand for your organization. We create strong brands, effective websites, and focused marketing pieces that will engage people and turn them into your customers.

We will solve your communication problems by increasing engagement with your #1 asset, your customer. 


Let’s partner together!


“A few years ago we realized our website was not representing our church to our community well. Changes were needed and David Tonen helped us create a website we are proud of, a virtual lobby for people wanting to know what our church is like before coming. We also learned about the power of annual themes to help the church focus on the macro picture of communication bringing a continuity to our year. Both have been game changers for us.”

Dave Steeves – Hillside Moncton

“I have been in healthcare as a scientist, businessman and entrepreneur for 25 years. Of all the professionals that I have worked with, I can truly say that BeResponsive is the best of the best. Their vision, quality and attention to detail are truly second to none and they are my “go to” team for all of my projects.”

Sanjay Batra – Vias Partners



Marketing is simply telling your story—clearly, sincerely, and with your audience in mind. We help you communicate that story to reach your target customers.


We design beautiful, functional, and modern sites that become the hub of your communication strategy.


We design and print all your marketing tools to communicate with excellence.


A one-minute video is more effective than three paragraphs of text. We help you capture your passion and engage your customers in a personal way.


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